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Christmas Songs App

Been using this app to listen to Christmas songs while I work to have a jolly mood while spending 10 hours a day in the library….

Check out this app

Christmas Music

It doesn’t look that impressive, but it does the job!

List of so many Christmas songs streamed to the phone!

Not sure how much it cost I think it was £1. But for the Christmas spirit it brings! Definitely worth it!

Only downside is that the songs are shuffled. Good n bad I supposed!streaming movie The Boss Baby

Give it a try!

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More 3D “Artistic” photography

The last time I posted a 3d link was  THIS!  3d Art I say!

Found another site with more 3d “ART”!!

So put on your 3d red blue glasses and check it out!

Too Real!! This pops out the most..

This is super 3d obvious too!! u need to get the glasses!

so check it out at.. this link..

It is not porn it is ART! and it is fun!

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I’m Back Again

Back Back…More updates….exams over…..Working on dissertation and saving £££… I will have some time to post some stuff up occasionally… Starting Tonight Hopefully!

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Streaming Full Movie Tomorrow Everything Starts (2016) Online

Poster Movie Tomorrow Everything Starts 2016

Tomorrow Everything Starts (2016) HD

Director : Hugo Gélin.
Release : December 7, 2016
Country : France.
Production Company : Mars Films, Vendome Pictures.
Language : English, Français.
Runtime : 118 min.
Genre : Drama, Comedy.

‘Tomorrow Everything Starts’ is a movie genre Drama, was released in December 7, 2016. Hugo Gélin was directed this movie and starring by Omar Sy. This movie tell story about A man without attachments or responsibilities suddenly finds himself with an abandoned baby and leaves for London to try and find the mother. Eight years later after he and his daughter become inseparable Gloria’s mother reappears.

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I just want to feel Special!


I came across this in, I saw the spaceship and flash backs happened….either I was abducted and anally probed or I’m just weird…….Either way!!
I want tickets to go to this screening!!!

Nuffnang is being awesome, they are giving away 60 passes for the Premiere Screening of District 9.

Date : 12th of Aug (Wed)

Time : 9pm
Venue : Cathay Cineplex D’sara

You can win the passes too. All you gotta do is just leave a comment at the Nuffnang blog. Simple as that. xD

I Failed…..I was so excited i missed out the 15 words condition…and started rambling….lol

Make it Happen!

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