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Last Batch

Finally finish the photos for my Siem Reap Collection!

The Lazy Worker at Angkor Wat

Another Lazy Worker

Angelina Jolie was here for Tomb Raider…sad I am a few years late to hang out with her here

What Tomb Raider saw when she was using her binoculars..lol

The Balloon

The Lonely Tourist

TukTuk Home

The Brave Boy (going on his solo adventure)

Lucky Blur Shot

The Awesome Guide Kid

The Window to See River (lol)

The Tree Over Monument

The Monument Over Pond

The Boat House Next to Boat

The 2 Window Posing Kids

The Sun Above The Lady

The Posing Boat Ladies

The Sun Above The Boat House

The Boat Family

The Lonely Boat House Man

The Row of Boat Houses in Front of Sun

The House Floating On River

The Waving Naked Kid

The Neighbourly Visit

The Kid With the Blue Thing

The Kid in Front of the Boat Nicely Place infront of the Sun

The Lady Boarding a Boat to go Somewhere with her friend which might be her daughter or granddaughter or niece or just an acquaintance

The Row of People in front of Sunset

The Hut Somewhere in Cambodia

The Road to Mountain Behind

Sorry I was really bored, and wanted to entertain myself with the Photo Title…yes sad…but was fun!


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More Updates!

As I have been working crazy hours now, from 7pm — 7am I have to find things to keep myself awake!

So I decided to upload more photos from my Cambodia trip.

BTW..Some idiot tried to steal my bicycle. It was locked to a pole just across the street I am working at, with the window facing directly at the bicycle. He tried breaking the plastic lock to break the metal lock section.
It was cold so I closed the window, hence couldn’t hear the sound of someone trying to rip the lock off my bike.

I AM ANGRY!!! That piece of shit stole my rubber handle, now it will be freaking cold to cycle in the cold cause of the metal bar.

Anyways…k back to the update..

This shot was totally spoiled by the maintenance work on the temple…

Great shot of the kids cycling back from school, took this in the moving tuktuk.

Another shot took from the moving tuktuk, hence the blur. Like it tho.

Stopped on the way to the river village.

Another shot I like of kids at play

The floating village

On the way there.

The locals

Fisherman of the village

Sunset at the village

Somehow I like this photo too.

Another shot of them.

Scary snake girl…wanted us to pay for taking this shot…and she started to cry and scream with a snake…SCARY!

Will post the remaining of these shots soon.

Hope you like it!

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More Photographs of Nepal

Some of my Nepal shots that I haven’t put up!

I still have a little bit left…will put it all up eventually!

The colour consistency of these 2 sets are slightly different….

3 photographs are more individual look that I prefer having a more desaturated look to it…

3 photographs I like to emphasize the colour richness of the robes…The one spraying the rice while doing the ceremony is kind of a big deal.. reincarnation of one of a lama

The Reincarnated One

Child Monk

Shangpa Rinpoche

He is the reincarnation of Shangpa Rinpoche.. He is his website  http://www.shangpa.org/


Ceremony 2

Ceremony 3

Enjoy more to come!

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First Competition Win

Just wanted to update and keep a record of this joyous occasion.

Thanks to my girlfriend’s support and suggestion, I started submitting my photographs for competition. I am happy to say that my GF is always right, and she knows her stuff. *whiiiipishhh*

Actually, I submitted the photo at quite the last minute. Last round of submission and one day before the closing day.
Lucky I did!

DPS Competition mantra kid

Mantra Kid

The theme was Life. Saw some comments that said my photograph was very photojournalistic, and it is not Life?
Photography is subjective, many interpretations can be made. This is the Life of this boy, its his Life that was captured. Life doesn’t just mean aging, an animal, or a new born. Life is Life! Anything is Life!

The other photographs were really good, 2nd places deserved it, and the piggy too.

Here is the link to see the other winners.

DPS Competition

Thanks for the prize!

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Holy Nepal

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Payne11 in 1968 described autopsy findings in six boxers in their forties, calling attention to septal abnormalities. CTE changes according to modern concepts (perivascular and superficial neurofibrillary change, neurofibrillary change in the depth of sulci) were not apparent, oakley sunglasses outlet although neurofibrillary changes were observed in two brains, and were considered non specific.. Good afternoon and welcome to Yahoo!’s third quarter 2015 earnings video webcast. At this time, all participants are in a listen only mode. That’s why a lot of people complained about 3D movies like Clash of the Titans Cheap Jerseys and the 3D parts of Superman Returns. They paid $13 $20 for a ticket and got something that looked like that dinosaur UFO shoebox there. Graph paper is a necessary tool for anyone who crochets. Use the paper with small, equally proportioned squares to map out a pattern for crochet items. That my job. The toughest choices Elway had to make was switching coaches, especially so soon after Fox t led the team to the Super Bowl. Against Pittsburgh this weekend Thomas looked uncomfortable in the pocket, unsure of himself (Which led to slow decision making), threw passes into bad spots and really lacked accuracy. If Thomas continues Cheap MLB Jerseys playing at this level it would be a terrible mistake for him to come out early for the 2013 NFL Draft as he would not be drafted in the first three rounds.. 1. Don Shula: Shula went to the Cheap Jordans super bowl six times as the head coach. Then there is the matter of morality that editors must consider, no matter what cheap jerseys their interpretation of news ethics is. An article this month in Psychology Today pulls together the growing number of studies that show how the name undermines the sense of self worth of many Native Americans, contributing to what on many reservations is by far some of the nation’s highest levels of alcoholism, drug addiction, teenage suicide, unemployment and other ills. To qualify for the Green and Gold Soccer Academy Award, applicants must demonstrate their soccer skills, have a minimum grade point average determined by the coaches on an individual basis and continue to keep their grades at this level or higher. International students are accepted. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois, which includes Chicago, has been very busy in recent years. Metros.. The Colts kicker won his 219th game in December, putting him atop the list of all NFL players. That’s only a season plus for Brady to capture the kicker, but just as it appears Brady isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, nor does it seem Vinatieri’s retirement is imminent.
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