First Competition Win

Just wanted to update and keep a record of this joyous occasion.

Thanks to my girlfriend’s support and suggestion, I started submitting my photographs for competition. I am happy to say that my GF is always right, and she knows her stuff. *whiiiipishhh*

Actually, I submitted the photo at quite the last minute. Last round of submission and one day before the closing day.
Lucky I did!

DPS Competition mantra kid

Mantra Kid

The theme was Life. Saw some comments that said my photograph was very photojournalistic, and it is not Life?
Photography is subjective, many interpretations can be made. This is the Life of this boy, its his Life that was captured. Life doesn’t just mean aging, an animal, or a new born. Life is Life! Anything is Life!

The other photographs were really good, 2nd places deserved it, and the piggy too.

Here is the link to see the other winners.

DPS Competition

Thanks for the prize!