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A Day at Giverny with my D3 + 105mm VR

Decided to take a drive from Paris to Giverny on Sunday. Perfect sunny weather!

Only took my D3 + 105mm micro lens. Wanted to just walked around and travel light. Didn’t get to capture a lot of landscape shots with that lens. It was hard to take nice landscape with so many tourist everywhere. Decided to go close instead! Main focus was just flowers……Hardly travel with my micro lens…was a good day to use it.

Was really nice to see where Monet stayed and got his inspiration from…the area is a beautiful place…a little too crowded with tourist…but it was Sunday..was pretty enjoyable drive + day.

Always wanted to take bugs and flowers…so gave it a go!
Just walked around with the camera and lens…no tripod no flash…just natural lighting and steady hands!

Wanted to focus on the flowers…so cropped it 1×1 to get a square frame around to capture the attention on the flowers…added vignette to it to really focus on the colours….

My Fav Flower Shot

I like it!

Intermission break….was in my backyard…tried using iphone 4 to take this snail..

Taken with iPhone 4….pretty good micro shot from a phone!

Okieee….back to the Giverny Flowers….


Another beautiful flower

Different Angle

The Pond Area

Photos taken by Deborah using iphone.

Pretty !





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My Dream Came True

Since the announcement of D3 in AUGUST 2007!! I told myself that was the camera I was going to get….put the mental picture in my head and started saving up for it!! After 1 year!! I finally have a D3!! and it is FREAKING AWESOME!!!


Five grande for a camera!!~!! cheap nfl jerseys but some how I am not regretting or feeling upset that I spend so much on a camera….Friends tell me I’m crazy for spending so much, but unfortunately they will never understand.


So alright! I’ve spent the money and got it…how do I justify this purchase. Well, I want to get out and see the world? hmm maybe Miami Dolphins Jerseys not the world yet…I should get out of my house! Experience something different….and document in photographs everything that is beautiful…Including my GIRLFRIEND. (bet ur smiling now huh miss girlfriend to be)

This cheap MLB jerseys GF still can’t be announced yet…need to clear up the legal issues and paperwork before going into the next step…but everything seem to be going well and I’m pretty happy about it. Official LoLs!

sorry Miss GF….you still remain anonymous on the blog for now. Sorry for saying…I was going to bed early…that didn’t happen again! Told you I’m gona post ?????? your pictures up! Theresa Ohh yea…I’ll post up some pic of cheap Cleveland Browns jerseys me POSING!! You Love It!


Sorry….had to do it…I didn’t spend so much on a camera just to take pictures of others!!

Alright…I did try taking something else!

KLY_0270KLY_0148 KLY_0411KLY_0421

Alright…so far thats about it..I’ll be taking more in the future….Not gona waste all the cash for nothing!!

Night Boys and Girls….

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