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My New Kindle 3

I have a new toy!
Got myself a kindle 3!!
I know I know…
My GF already told me. “You have an iPad what’s the point of getting this”

People don’t realise! You Can’t Compare!!

You can even make money with Kindle like this!
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But I am not using it for making money! Just using it to read!

Yes, iPad is like an e-reader, but somehow it is just different. It is more like an entertainment device. I use iPad for movies,games,browsing,songs,and to read comics and magazines. Occasionally a book.

Somehow after using the kindle, it it’s a whole new level of reading. It is really a proper e-reader, for serious reading.
iPad is quite big and the Screen can be quite tiring to look at after awhile.

Been reading with kindle and it just feels like a book. It’s smooth and it doesn’t strain my eyes! (Will write a kindle 3 review soon!)

Finished a book by Lee Child called Worth Dying For in 2 nights. Pretty interesting story, but some parts you will think it is a bit unrealistic. Oh well it is fiction! I don’t read a lot, but finishing in 2 nights is quite an achievement!

Checked amazon & saw the bestseller was this! Loaded it up on the kindle and I’m ready for another round !

I’ll try create a widget or a page on the blog with what book I am currently reading. Will be quite cool to have a record of the books I have read.

So Stieg Larsson — The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

I am now officially reading you!

Si Perumpuan Dengan Tattoo Naga

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Current Read

Nothing to do since I got back from Nepal.

Dad came into my room yesterday with this book and told me to read… So this is what I’ll be doing.

Very Spritual huh?

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movie Arsenal 2017 trailer

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