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Moleskine App for IPad

Thought I should just share about this awesome app.
This makes the note app in iPad pretty much useless!

Go get Moleskine app, it is free and is great for writing.
The interface and functionality is very user friendly.

That is how the icon will look like on the page

The cute front page, feels just like a real moleskine.

The list of topics

A little guide to the app..

Basically you can jot things down like the app penultimate. You can share location and post photos on your article.

Great app for travel and writing.
Would be perfect of ipad2 with the photo function.

Anyways Go get it!

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Jailbreaking Ipad 3.2.1 using iBooks & GoodReader

I did it! Jailbreaked my Ipad 3.2.1 (WIFI MODEL).

Due to the traffic to jailbreakme.com and http://jailbreakme.modmyi.com/_/.
You most probably end up with the Purple screen and stuck at it.

Found out there is a way to Jailbreak thru iBooks using syncing thru Itunes.

However, I found a way to do it without Itunes or jailbreakme. Just with GoodReader.

This will work in Ipad 3.2.1 wifi (Works on mine)
Might work for iphones and itouch..but not tested!

What you need is!- Goodreader App
— Ibooks

These are the 2 things you will need.

Get on to GoodReader app, and click on Web Downloads-> Browse the Web

Type this link

You will see the list of devices and pdf files. Choose your device and click download the pdf file.

After Downloading the file.

Click Manage -> select open in

and Open in Ibooks. In Ibooks head to the pdf section.

Click on the white pdf, which will ask you to download and install.

After less than 1 min, you got your ipad or Iphone or itouch. Jailbroken!
My Cydia didn’t show up after the process.

I rebooted my ipad, and the Cydia icon showed up!

Hope this helps


Update: It looks like you can just jailbreak it thru GoodReader. Just download and launch it on goodreader. (I did not do it this way so I’m not 100% sure)

Update 2: Saw some post with my link on it in Italian, apparently it did not work on his Ipad 3g. So I am not sure if it works or not, but I read that comex will come up with a patch for that. Sorry if your 3g doesn’t work.

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GoodReader for Ipad Review

Bought my Ipad recently. A little bit pricey to get it over here with the VAT nonsense, but still worth it!

I wanted a colour e-reader, and to be able to look at photographs and books. An added bonus with the capabilities of watching videos, listening to music, games, and other awesome functions.

So Ipad was the best option in the market for it. Kindle, nook and sony e-readers are good e-readers but just can’t compete with the other functions.

Haven’t updated in a while..so thought I post an blog about this app for the Ipad.

This would be considered the best e-reading app on Ipad. It is even better than Ibook, it is not as visually pretty as ibook, but function wise it is just packed with everything.

The best thing about it is it cost so little for the amount of benefits. So this is worth every penny!

It cost £0.59, by far the best app I bought from the apple store.

You can transfer documents using File Transfer itunes ipad app section, to the ipad. Formats such as Pdf , images, any text doc such as word or rtf.
Those files transfers really quickly.

GoodReader for Ipad

My Ipad Screen with GoodReader in the Main Dock

The Main Screen of GoodReader

Not many e-reading apps have file organisation.
GoodReader does it well being able to sort it out in the app itself.

You get to create folders, rename, password lock it, and many more.

Magazines + Books

As you can see, the girly e-magazines you can buy and load it in your GoodReader. It just makes it so handy on the go, to read it anywhere!
Business people can get economist, fortune and many more. Artsy people can get all the artsy magz..so anything goes!
PDF books looks great too.

Although its more presentable reading epub format in IBooks.

Esquire Magazine

One example of how it looks like on the ipad, tab the middle of the screen and you get the full screen of the magazine, and you can flip thru it.

Downloading documents on DropBox

One thing good about goodreader is that you can download your documents from you file servers. Servers that i Highly recommend is DropBox.
There are other services such as google reader, your own ftp, and others listed on the app.

You can sync your files thru all your computers, and link it with ipad and download your documents from ipad and save it in Goodreader to read it.

That is what I am doing for my Dissertation, reading all the journal articles on my Ipad. Really HandY!

You can sign up for Dropbox  HERE!


Enjoy! Will review other great Ipad Apps later on.

Feel free to msg me if you have any questions!

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