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Incredibooth for iPhone 4

Just downloaded this app, and it is really a lot of fun!

So I figured I should recommend it!
It cost £0.59 or $0.99
It works like a photo snapping booth you see in the mall.
4 photos in one.

It comes with 3 types of filter.
Black n White, Reddish, and some colour-cross processed filter.

It works pretty smoothly… Professionally done.
The only downside is the limited filters.

Main Screen

Processed photo developed screen

The export screen

Export choices!

Give it a try!

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Nike Plus Sensor, Iphone 4 & Sports Armband

Since getting my new phone, I have been more inclined to go out for a run instead of the gym.


Because finally I get to track my running.

The new Iphone is just great, with the multitasking capabilities just made it a whole lot more amazing.

It is really a smart phone, I get to track my pace, my distance, my time, play my songs, map my route, guide my directions (GPS), and a whole lot more.

Let me start with Nike Sensor. I have always wanted one, but I couldn’t justify buying an ipod nano just to be able to get the sensor, or to get the nike bracelet. But, my lovely/wonderful/amazing/perfect gf got me my iphone. The first thing I did after getting back was to order the sensor. Had to buy an armband to go along. Can’t run holding the phone, or let it bounce away in the pocket. (too risky)

Searched online thru ebay, nike shops, but the cheapest was still Amazon. Got the whole set for around £20ish pounds.

The armband I found was iGadgitz Black & Silver Reflective Neoprene Sports Gym Jogging Armband for Apple iPhone 4. £7.

Saw the photos and I was sold! Looks pretty good, not too bulky and it comes with a slot for my house key/coins. No more annoying key/coin jiggling in the pocket.

Used it. It fits comfortably. A little tricky with the screen coz of the plastic protecting it, but I love it.

iGadgitz Black & Silver Reflective Neoprene Sports Gym Jogging Armband for Apple iPhone 4 HD 16GB & 32GB


iGadgitz Black & Silver Reflective Neoprene Sports Gym Jogging Armband for Apple iPhone 4 HD 16GB & 32GB


And the sensor + the sensor pouch.

How it looks on my shoe

Marware Sportsuit + Sensor

You can find all those listed items in Amazon.

That is where I bought all of it from, as far as I know it is cheaper than ebay.
Direct Link to Get it from Amazon!

Marware Sportsuit Sensor + Case for Nike + iPod Sport Kit
iGadgitz Black Neoprene Sports Armband for Apple iPhone 3G & New 3GS 8GB, 16GB & 32GB
Apple Nike and iPod Sensor

Now the apps!

Nike sensor is good because you get the sync it with the website, and it lets you track your distance, speed, time , set goals, set schedules, make or join challenges, and join a community of runners.

So after syncing with your sensor, an app will appear on the phone, and this is the screen.

Main Nike Plus App Screen

Main Nike Plus App Screen

The screen while you run tracks the distance and all other info

What is so cool about it is the app is integrated to the phone, in the lock screen, if the home button is pressed. The music will soften and a voice will read out the distance, time, and pace. So you can just check how far you ran anytime without looking. REALLY COOL!

Running Screen

This history screen to monitor the performance.



  • Integrated well with the phone system
  • Accurate distance so far
  • Awesome monitoring with sync


  • No easier way to change songs 0r playlist (to change songs you have to swipe to unlock and change, for playlist you have to go all the way out to the ipod app player)
  • No GPS tracking

To solve the gps problem. I found another app that is great by itself. With the multitasking function of iPhone. Both systems can be running for optimum monitoring.

It is called ENDOMONDO.

It is also another sportish community. The app tracks the performance by using gps coordinates.

They have voiceover to  inform you when you reach a certain distance.

Main Screen

Running Screen

The best part of this is you get a map that maps out your route, and shows it in your work out history.


Pros : Great app to track performance and tracking it visually with the map.
Cons: Not as integrated as nike app.

Lastly!! TomTom App.

Let us visualize how iphone is just great and how it just works. With Multitask function on iphone…all the apps are running while you run.

Wake up in the morning! Check Weather App for the weather or Weather Pro or Megaweather for more detailed timed weather report. It says sunny! you get ready to run!

Turn on Nike+ and Endomondo…start running.While listening to the radio via RadioTunes app or Spotify App. (or pandora in the US) or just the music on the phone.

See a beautiful view…take it out and take a photo or a video in hi-def.

Twit about it or facebook it in twitter app or facebook app, maybe reply a mail.

Continue running….You want to try a new end up in a place you have no idea how to get back from…turn on TomTom App (a bit pricy but worth it)

This is what you will see..

Set it to your home, and get back to nike app while tomtom is running in the background and will tell you the direction to get home while you are running!

TomTom Main Screen

The Map

See what I mean…..Everything just works together. Like what mr apple says….IT JUST WORKS.

Give it a try…

These are all the recommended apps for running/jogging/walking/cycling, anything.

Location:Lawrence Rd,Portsmouth,United Kingdom

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Jailbreaking Ipad 3.2.1 using iBooks & GoodReader

I did it! Jailbreaked my Ipad 3.2.1 (WIFI MODEL).

Due to the traffic to and
You most probably end up with the Purple screen and stuck at it.

Found out there is a way to Jailbreak thru iBooks using syncing thru Itunes.

However, I found a way to do it without Itunes or jailbreakme. Just with GoodReader.

This will work in Ipad 3.2.1 wifi (Works on mine)
Might work for iphones and itouch..but not tested!

What you need is!- Goodreader App
— Ibooks

These are the 2 things you will need.

Get on to GoodReader app, and click on Web Downloads-> Browse the Web

Type this link

You will see the list of devices and pdf files. Choose your device and click download the pdf file.

After Downloading the file.

Click Manage -> select open in

and Open in Ibooks. In Ibooks head to the pdf section.

Click on the white pdf, which will ask you to download and install.

After less than 1 min, you got your ipad or Iphone or itouch. Jailbroken!
My Cydia didn’t show up after the process.

I rebooted my ipad, and the Cydia icon showed up!

Hope this helps


Update: It looks like you can just jailbreak it thru GoodReader. Just download and launch it on goodreader. (I did not do it this way so I’m not 100% sure)

Update 2: Saw some post with my link on it in Italian, apparently it did not work on his Ipad 3g. So I am not sure if it works or not, but I read that comex will come up with a patch for that. Sorry if your 3g doesn’t work.

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Most Used IPhone App

Since I have like few minutes of time to do nothing while waiting for something. I’ll log on to my favourite app called Twinkle!

I’ve used this app since I started using my phone. I’ve tried so many apps over the months! This is one of the apps I’m still loading up each day!

Instant Twit and location Twit! All In this wonderful app.

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Asking For Trouble

Such an idiot I am. I got all upset with my current web server hosting that I wanted a faster server. So while I was at work, I was just browsing thru different hosting plans and companies. Checking reviews and the differences between a Malaysian & American server. The prices and all.

Got all excited with having smooth stable hosting that I bought a 2 year hosting plan with a malaysian hosting company. I still have 4 more months in my last hosting with Lunarpages. Lunarpages was okie, but it was just too slow and sometimes it drops out for a few minutes. Pissed me off these few days when I was trying to set up my site and it kept on cutting out on me.

Now with the Malaysian server. Needed to transfer EVERYTHING. Blog/Email/Website over to the new host, and its been messy…lost my email. Hopefully I can get it back when EXABYTE admin transfer all my documents over. We shall see in the next few days. The Dns transfer is a pain…everything is all messy!!

Should have just waited another few months when my old host expires, but now I don’t have to worry for another 2 years!

Looks like I’m sleeping late again.

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