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Guide to finding free eBooks & eMagazines Online

You just bought yourself an iPad/Kindle/Nook/Sony Reader or just want to read good materials.

If you didn’t, you should really get yourself a Kindle. Christmas holidays is in a month, time to get your family something useful!
One thing good about this is books range from any interest, so they are bound to find a subject that they are interested to read!

— For your parents — I know my parents love reading. This will be a perfect gift
-For your Kids — Nothing better then to encourage them to read.
— For your Friends/Family — They will love it!

After getting them the kindle, with this guide here. They will be spending a lot of time reading and loving you!
Click on the Image Below to get it!

All e-readers offers books on their website/ibooks, paid and free. Great!
However, if you are looking to find more books or something that you are interested in but can’t find it in those shops.

This post will help you do just that!!

The web is huge!! You have no idea where to look. First thing you do is to search in Google. Typing Free Ebooks or Free Magazines!
Hopefully! You land here, then you are sorted! Unfortunately, many people end up in some confusing sites or just a bunch of lousy written books / magazines.

Here is a way to find the books/magazine you want. I’m just using the standard format for ipad/kindle. Kindle uses Mobi, while Ipad uses Epub. Both device will read pdf format(which is most magazines, and quite a lot of books too). I don’t want to list down what magazines or books you can find, as you have to do the work and you will be surprised by the amount of good books and magazines you can download for free.

There are 2 ways!

First Approach

Downloading directly from Books/Magazines Sites. I will list down the few that I use and then the way I search for books/magazine.

For books/magazine Galore.┬áCheck out : —

Ebookee — Tons of book/magazine update. All kinds of category, can be quite messy.

Ebook30 — Variety of foreign books and magazines. Great source too! And a lot of COMICS!

Ebooks Nest — Mostly computer books/magazines. Very good source.

For Magazines :-

Magazines Download — Very organised magazine updates

Pretty much ebookee and ebook30 covers most of the magazines you can find.
They will normally have a link to file sharing sites like Mediafiles/Rapidshare/Filefront/Hotfile/Filedeposit.

I have a signed up with a Hotfile account. I use it a lot, and it cost around 8-9 usd per month. For the amount of information you get from these sites, it is like a subscription to books/magazine for that amount is worth every bit.


As these sites are very complex due to the amount of books they have.
I have found an easier way to search and go thru the updates.

Sign up for a Google Reader account.

You can add the RSS feed of the new books/magazine that gets updated and they are normally sorted by category in Ebook30.
For Ebookee/Ebook Nest, they are all jumbled into one rss, so it can be a bit confusing.

What you do is you add those Rss feed into google reader. They will be updated and listed.

At that point all you have to do is just Do a Search on google reader. They will search thru the list of books that is loaded in.

It will be easier to search this way, as compared to searching on those sites (Too many results)

Searching for *french*, you will get books/magazines in french or about french or learning french. So it is a very good way to search.

You can get a lot of good computer and business books too. Even Audio/Video guides to photography and stuff.


Second Approach

This is a bit in the grey zone! Do as you wish.

This method uses torrent. (using torrent programs like utorrent for mac or pc)

Search for any torrent sites. Such as Torrentz, Piratebay.org
Personally, I use Demonoid ( it is a private site so it is safer in some sense Ie. No Virus or spyware in the files)

Depends how good the torrent sites are, most of them will have ebooks category.

All you have to search for is the author, the tittle, or you can just put in the format.

*Mobi* or *epub* even kindle or ipad books/magazine.

You will get a whole list of books/magazine to download.
There are book libraries you can download.

Once you have those books, you can use a book library software called Calibre (which is free) to organise and upload to your kindle or ipad!

Upload it into your Kindle or Ipad reader such as Ibook/Goodreader (recommended), and you are GOOD TO GO!

Enjoy Reading! Feel free to contact me if you have better ways of obtaining good books!

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