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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Another week, another day and soon another year…..11 more days to be exact

Was out with dad in his “work meeting” in the morning and afternoon.
Meaning of ” **** ” = More Social than Work.

Came back and ended up going thru my old photos…Don’t have a scanner at home, ended up using my camera to snap it, and fixed the colours up.

Found some good memorable ones of me and sis and me in school, and a lot of fat photos of me that can’t be published.

Sis & MeSis & Me 2Botak Poser

After all that….me posing and all….

Young Puppy Love?

I came across this…My Childhood Girlfriend…lol…she might be pretty hot now I suppose??


Went out last night with mum to do some shopping, bought some tiger beer and drank with mum at home. Lol
Didn’t go out cause I have to attend my Sis’s best friend’s wedding…got up at 6.30 in the morning…..Don’t really feel like I’m having a holiday (hehe), I’ve been waking up earlier than when I used to work…

Came back from the ceremony around 12…the weather today is HOT….took out a bottle of asahi i bought yesterday…Beer is LOVELY!…. ohh yea….I help out with some photo taking at her wedding, met this wedding photographer..Robin Ng….been to his blog last time….recognized him when I saw him there…He is good…I’ve seen some dodgy photographers work online and at some wedding’s, earning decent money but don’t really know what they are doing…but from his work, and how he operate…I can tell he is good, and his gear….=) pretty impresive….

I’ll post those photos up after I’ve gone thru it. It was hard for me to get in and get the good shots, because I’m not getting paid for this. I feel weird & out of place running around the whole church taking every angle, when there is another person that is hired specifically to do their job, and I don’t like to interfere when he is working. So most of the time I stood at the back and from the side lines. I think I did get some good shots from the side, until I look thru the photos carefully I can’t tell if I get any keepers.

Will do it up soon…..I need to get some sleep now….being a monk really takes a toll on my alcohol immunity….just 650ml and I feel tipsyish…hmmmmm WEAK!!!.. Have to attend the dinner later..


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My Dick?

Came across this song on my itunes….thought i should share it…its just too funny…..and the whole time i thought they were black…

Lyrics here….MY DICK

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Bored outta my mind

Thanks to so many funds being frozen… I have ran out on work to do…now I’m just refreshing facebook on my iPhone… And waiting for some funds to email prices for me to confirm….. Bored shitlesss!!! .

I love my iPhone…

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Sushi again!! 3 days in a row….
Not many choices here…sigh

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