Weekend Update

This weekend was alright! Hung out with the usual after work drinks crew and my missus. Was pretty tired from a killer friday at work tho.

Sat…hmm…Crap..Sat was just yesterday and I can’t remember what I did the whole day. Ohh yea….Stayed home and finish watching some movies, sorted out my online flickr account, read a book, and got wasted at night!

Went for Wing’s birthday at Sinbar? Synbar? Altitude?…Missus was out with her friends, and I was out drinking with mine…NO idea why I was so tired! Alcohol Kills! Probably coz I was hungry ass!! Thanks SIMON and Gang..Didn’t want to wait while I grab a Mixed Souvlaki.mmmmmmmm….got home at 3 and ate plain instant noodles instead…no meat or no extras to add on to it…Don’t even have eggs at home….but mee goreng is always good..felt fat so try to do some sit ups…did 6 and gave up!!..lol.. Watched a lil bit of photo video and passed out….

Woke up at 1 (technically 12) got a call from missus and then Mr Ching Siang msged me for lunch….missus was at the gym then family time…and I ended up going to the park…..Need some RR and Creative Time…Went to Nandos for lunch..(seriously charging 14 bucks for half a chicken is just too much freaking Portuguese or Indonesian owners!! its just chicken with sauce…..ffs!)

Went to the park with my full photo gear….looked like I’m some sort of paid professional…WHICH I AM!!! in a way…kinda…comeonnnnnnn…..
Took around 200 shots…was like a SENSEI to my young photo ninja apprentice….yes me and my wealth of knowledge! muahahaha….Haniwayz….Set around took some birdies some plants some insects…no hot girls to take…(I’m Loyal and Comitted and My eyes don’t wonder…unless there is a hot naked chick…missus will understand..even my parents will)

Here are some of the shots, couldn’t process all…need to sleep…work at 7.30am!!!
Will post more in the next few days! I HOPE!

I’m going to bed now…Freaking 11.30!! freaking Daylight saving…My precious hour!!

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