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I'm Semi-Employed

Been cashless for quite sometime, leeching off and depleting my savings….n then being broke for a couple of weeks.

I am finally earning again!! Doing something I Enjoy & Love!

Been helping my friend out with his photography work.

Work Assignment

Started last week. Helped him with a assignment for Sime Darby Property show. Its quite boring for a “pro-photographer” like myself, to work as an assistant to another photographer.Hehe.But its good fun, having opinion with some of the shots and giving ideas. Both of us learnt quite a bit from each other, I saw things differently. The sad part of it is the EGO, knowing your good enough and other people assuming your just additional help, carrying the tripod & bag following the photographer the whole day! Its alright, I’m Humble! =)

It was good that day. Saw a hot CIMB mortgage girl walking around the show, a little eye candy. She smiled at me as she walked by, but I was slightly confused. My friend was standing next to me, and I can’t tell if the smile was for me or for him! ohh well. =(

Screen Staring

Been working in his office. Retouching his old film photographs. Removing dirt from the scans, fixing the tones, and dodging & burning. Sounds fun but after staring/zooming/checking/loading/fixing/cleaning/sharpening 10 pictures…spending 10-20 mins on a photo. Your eyes gets TIRED! but its good I can take a break and just chill. Lil chatting/browsing/youtube….lol fun times fun times..

Studio is Fun

So this is the studio. Will be shooting some friends soon on Labours Day. Those girls can’t wait!! RIGHT GIRLS?!?! if you check this blog….Go think of the theme that you want…..I have some ideas…Don’t Worry ! one of them is WINTER!! Please cover yourself up with thick winter clothings! Don’t want to see any parts of your skin at all!! lol

I think I’ll start posting stuff up from now on…..Hopefully I have more activities going on..Since I have cash…n not just camp at home!!

Latahhhhh B&G

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Bored outta my mind

Thanks to so many funds being frozen… I have ran out on work to do…now I’m just refreshing facebook on my iPhone… And waiting for some funds to email prices for me to confirm….. Bored shitlesss!!! .

I love my iPhone…

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