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5 Mins to Blog This!


Right !! Its 12.55! I have 5 mins to get this done and be in bed by 1! its 12.56 now! Fuck! 4 more mins to go!! So yes!!

Just added some photos to upload while I type and replied an msn msg….now its 12.58…..Feels like your watching the tv show 24 aint it?? Tut…Tut…Tut…

Tomorrow, I will be going for a shoot with my “Famous” photographer friend Jimmy Khoo (in my Blogroll). The shoot starts at 10. So I will have to get to his place around 9….He will be shooting for Going Places, and the subject of the shoot will be some band that plays drums or something with a bit of modern dance to it….Kinda lame…but yea…they will be promoting it in the magazine…So Jimmy was hired to shoot it…..he doesnt think its lame…coz he is all artsy fartsy….but its just a bunch of guys jumping around with flashy lights hitting a few different drums…Whooopieedooo….

He tested the kind of lighting he wanted to use tomorrow on me today….Perks of being an awesome assistant…..Free photoshoot EVERY SINGLE TIME!….no stylist or make up tho….when you have lemons make lemonade?? is that where you use that line?? anyways….here are the test shots….i just fiddled around with the colours..didn’t go into photoshop to remove my pores and stuff or add bigger shoulders and sharper features…

Ohh yea…bought the CHEAPO RAYBARNS RM15 Bucks aviators from petaling street last nite….Thought I take it for its official opening…


Album Cover Anybody?


Seriously It Was Sunny





Just wanted to show the difference with minor colour touch ups + re composition….

You can achieve a better and different feel….

This was the original photo with bumped up saturation and bumped up the blue tone and temperature…


Colour Touched Up


B+W Effect

Here it is with changing it to BW, Fitting the frame a lil tighter, bumping up the contrast, and showing more shadows, minus sum scars with the lil tool that comes with it….

Anyways its 1.12am!!!

WAYYYYY past my bedtime! Hope i can get up or i’ll be in trouble…..Right!!


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Sleeping Late Yet Again!

My bed timing is just so off the normal timing. Its 2.20am, I should really be sleeping.

Been retouching my friend’s studio shots, since I haven’t done anything since Friday.

Oh yea, I think I have been drinking too much protein shake last week, too heaty!
I have TWO¬† bloody BIG ulcers on my lips, it hurts like a bitch. Now I’m going to torture them with salt, going to rub it in and make those lil fuckers suffer like how they made me suffer for the past few days.

I’m going to suffer too, but it works!

Anyways, here are the 2 photos.

Group Session

Group Session

Wendy the Weirdo

Wendy the Weirdo

Going to the toilet for some ulcer torture session then bed!
I’ll be crying myself to sleep.:~(


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Semi-Package + Bonus @ Studio

Didn’t have the time to post yesterday. Was pretty much out the whole day, went out around 10 in the morning and only got home at night around 11.

Was out with The Package (Group Name for the Girls) for a studio shoot. Since it was Labours Day and all of them was on leave, and Wendy & Angie came back for the weekend from Singapore. So I decided it would be fun if all of them could take some group photographs.

Wanted them to meet up at my place at 10, so told them to come at 9.30. That plan actually worked. Angie and Tali got here at 10.09. 9 Minutes off from my calculations. lol ….Gave Wendy a nice sounding for being late.

Met up around the studio and ate lunch. As the usual fat-ass that I am, I ate 2 bowls of noodles. Curry Laksa and Pan-Mee, the serving for curry laksa was pathetic, had to order another round. Pan-Mee was pretty good tho.

Went straight to the studio after lunch, started organizing the lightings and equipment. Didn’t expect girls to freaking take TWO HOURS to put on make up. 12-2!! Just on makeup…MY GOD!! I could have gone to the gym, take a nap, take a dump, and eat another bowl of noodles and still have extra time!!

So after all the wait…the shoot actually started!! As mentioned in the earlier post, its hard without a LIGHTMETER!! I really need to get one soon!

Here are the shots the girls took for fun with my lil sony.

Sorry Girls…I don’t screen thru…



Wow! Scary!

Wow! Scary!

Pfft 2!

Pfft 2!

No Comment

No Comment

Why am I wearing a Tie?

Why am I wearing a Tie? Just Wanted to Fit IN

Random Gay Pose

Random Gay Pose



BnW Drama

BnW Drama

Being Models Can Be Tiring Huh?

Being Models Can Be Tiring Huh?



Happy huh? Your Welcome!

Happy huh? Your Welcome!

Stop Acting Kawaii

Stop Acting Kawaii

Thanks girls for feeding me well yesterday. Pizza and Dinner was really good….lol…Its been awhile since I ate that much!!!

My god….I didn’t know touch up was that much work till I did A (One)(Yi Ge)(Satu) (JUST ONE!!) photo of Tali today….spent around an hours PLUS fixing her! I don’t even know if she’s going to like it. Wanted to post the before and after, so you guys can see the difference, but since I’m nice I won’t do it….So you better be nice…Feel free to buy me dinner. lol

This is IT! I’ll post more as more is ready to be shown in PUBLIC!


Like It?

Like It? Such a POSER!

Once again….


More to Come…I’m going to bed now…LIVER NEEDS SLEEP!! lol…Night

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Studio Light Test 1-2-3

Today was pretty fun, had a good lunch, touched up some photos, and lastly Tested the lights for my shoot of my friend’s tomorrow.

Lighting Dork

Lighting Dork

So just getting a feel of what the shoot is going to be like.
I swear I wasn’t posing.

Random Pose

Random Pose

Its hard to judge the correct lighting without a flash meter, wanted to get one but its too crazy expensive. Checked a few shops around KL/PJ. The ones who have it for RM 950 — 1000. Don’t have it in stock.
One shop with stock told me it was RM 1375. When I told him other shops have it for 900ish ….He told me those are grey items, and he is the real deal. So I can’t argue anymore. The model I was going to get was Sekonic L-358.
There is a cheaper model Sekonic L-308s, some shops have it for around 700 “grey” , the real deal was selling it for 9oo-ish.

But I rather get the L-358, The dome can be swiveled around, aperture priority metering, and remote pocket wizard triggering (additional accessory), and other goodies like memory preset and such. Much more value compared to the 308.

So yea…was testing the lighting and started getting vain. Its been awhile since I took any photos. So I went and did some SELF-Portraiture. Wasn’t easy running around setting the light,aiming it and triggering it.

Photoshop Miracle!

Photoshop Miracle!

All was fun, and I started taking shirtless shots. I’ve been working out in the gym for a month! I deserve some attention….but the photographs came out bad…notice no frontal shots? Tummy is still massive!….But thanks to PHOTOSHOP!.. Magic was created!!

Bed time…Will be having a studio shoot for “The Package” (long time uni friends) tomorrow.

Till Then…Good Night

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My Dream Job

This is funny…Part of the reason why I want to be a Fashion Photographer…lol

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