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Still Day One in Prague

Still hanging out walking around…..

Crossed Charles Bridge… The bridge was packed with tourist…with stalls, artist painting portraits and music from band players.

Sat down on a bench for a little rest while I took these…wanted to try slowing down the shutter to get the tram with blur and the building in the background.

Slow Shutter Moving Tram


Back on The Bridge

Went back to the bridge to check out a jewish area. Wanted to check out a very interesting spot the, The Jewish Cemetery.

It was pretty expensive to get a pass to visit the jewish area… It was some jewish synagogue and some jewish museum…was not interested in all those. Just wanted to see the cemetery. Had to pay for a package thing….Would have gotten a discount, but I left my student card back home. Showed that OLD jewish woman my passport with a big STUDENT visa sticker on it and she said no. I was pissed. what can I say……they know how to make more money…*COUGH*

The museum did not interest me at all, maybe due to the price of the ticket as compared to what was there. However, the cemetery was worth it.

It is 400 over years old, and it was massive with over-stacking tombs everywhere.


After that back to town…walked around and head home.

Old Town Square

Had a beer while relaxing at the square. Beer cost 89 czk.

Clock Tower

Thanks to the new Iphone, I made this with iMovie…I held it vertically..should have held it horizontally.

Very old building as well. Apparently it was bombed by the germans during world war and the building was actually bigger but got smaller due to the destruction. Anddddddd… as it was told…after making this, the clock maker was blinded by the king so he would not be able to make another. He committed suicide by jumping into the gears of the clock to wreck it.

Got back to the hotel….changed and went to Bellevue for our dinner. Awesome Anniversary Dinner!
Quite poor after that but worth every bit to see her smile.

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Prague Anniversary Visit First Day

Went to Paris –>Prague to celebrate  my GF birthday and our anniversary.

Prague is a beautiful city rich with historical sights, there was so many things to do.

We were there for only 3 days, checked out most of the touristic spots and it was good.

Before going so many friends told me how cheap the beer and food is, but when I was there it WAS NOT that cheap.
Maybe I was unlucky and only ate at “tourist” restaurants.
The first one was a big CON JOB! It was a grilled chicken breast, and the waiter asked what side do I want, so he suggested chips and I went along with it. When it came it was a piece of chicken and chips, as described, but it was miserable.

The bill came and I GOT ANGRY, the chicken and the chips was not a set. Who the hell sells a dish with just a piece fried chicken on a plate.
The CHICKEN cost €5!~! and the fries was another €2 !! Was not worth it at all.
I thought €5 for a big chunk of meat with sides will be okie…but big rip off!….I FORGOT THE NAme of the SHOP, but I will google it and find the name and track it down and report it on tripadvisor!!

*Update*!! Found the restaurant on google street view..It is Restaurant U Dominikana,Prague. Wrote a review on tripadvisor! ! BAD REVIEW! Bad Miserable piece of Chicken Schnitzel

Anyways! most of the restaurants food was good and price was alright beer was around 69-90 czk around 2.5-3 euro…not as what my “FRIENDS” mentioned 1 euro for beer! maybe not where we went!

Walked around the first day..and took some snaps..

Prague Castle

Castle n Bridge

Prague Castle

Bridge n Castle

Prague Castle

Castle while on Brige

Prague Castle

Castle While Under Bridge

Prague Castle

Band on Bridge

Town on Bridge

More to follow…Heading to bed…will update again soon

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