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5 Mins to Blog This!


Right !! Its 12.55! I have 5 mins to get this done and be in bed by 1! its 12.56 now! Fuck! 4 more mins to go!! So yes!!

Just added some photos to upload while I type and replied an msn msg….now its 12.58…..Feels like your watching the tv show 24 aint it?? Tut…Tut…Tut…

Tomorrow, I will be going for a shoot with my “Famous” photographer friend Jimmy Khoo (in my Blogroll). The shoot starts at 10. So I will have to get to his place around 9….He will be shooting for Going Places, and the subject of the shoot will be some band that plays drums or something with a bit of modern dance to it….Kinda lame…but yea…they will be promoting it in the magazine…So Jimmy was hired to shoot it…..he doesnt think its lame…coz he is all artsy fartsy….but its just a bunch of guys jumping around with flashy lights hitting a few different drums…Whooopieedooo….

He tested the kind of lighting he wanted to use tomorrow on me today….Perks of being an awesome assistant…..Free photoshoot EVERY SINGLE TIME!….no stylist or make up tho….when you have lemons make lemonade?? is that where you use that line?? anyways….here are the test shots….i just fiddled around with the colours..didn’t go into photoshop to remove my pores and stuff or add bigger shoulders and sharper features…

Ohh yea…bought the CHEAPO RAYBARNS RM15 Bucks aviators from petaling street last nite….Thought I take it for its official opening…


Album Cover Anybody?


Seriously It Was Sunny





Just wanted to show the difference with minor colour touch ups + re composition….

You can achieve a better and different feel….

This was the original photo with bumped up saturation and bumped up the blue tone and temperature…


Colour Touched Up


B+W Effect

Here it is with changing it to BW, Fitting the frame a lil tighter, bumping up the contrast, and showing more shadows, minus sum scars with the lil tool that comes with it….

Anyways its 1.12am!!!

WAYYYYY past my bedtime! Hope i can get up or i’ll be in trouble…..Right!!


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Last Week of Kraziness

Hi Boys/Girls followers of the awesome Kingston Liu Photoblog of my life…. Its been awhile yet again since my last post. As you most probably are aware/known, I’m somewhat of a celebrity in my own lil imaginary way.

Its quite sad actually, NOT REALLY A CELEB YET!!
Till now…A whole month!! Still no random people pointing at me when I’m walking in malls and stuff. I mean COME ON!….ruumz most wanted? and I’ve been going out like a lot! So if anybody see me on the street just give me a wave? or a smile? or if your shy or not into eye contact, just avoid me and cough or sneeze or something…so I know you kinda know me?

Righto…now lets get to the whatsbeengoingon Kingston content. So last week was pretty full on…I mean I spent like krazyshitzloads of money doing a lot of things I shouldn’t have done. Went shopping, partied, spent crazily on jugs of beer and realizing the very next day that I don’t actually have a steady flow of income. PTM (Parents Teller Machine) is kinda got tight on providing me with sufficient funds….So I’m left now with a really really really tight budget.

So yea…Last Thursday night was my so called NIGHT TO SHINE!! I guess I was alright…the party was great…met most of the awesome finalist…I did my Social Runs…and the sad part was….few days after that…somebody started talking shit bout me (not you latte, i know you meant well, apparently someone I don’t know)…Said i was too sociable?

That I was walking around meeting people and being nice to everybody. Seriously WTF? this is a social networking site? we are the in a competition for votes? and I’m in the party to mix around to meet new friends and have fun? And if I get them to vote for me…Its WIN-WIN….Isn’t that the point of this whole thing? TO MINGLE AND SOCIALIZE?  Why give me shit if someone your voting for doesn’t? I didn’t take part in this competition to be behind the screen and cry when nobody votes….I joined this to NETWORK!! If people wanna vote for me after getting to know me…then awesome! I’m not gonna sit n drink alone while clapping my hands listening to the song like a social retard…. so cut me sum slack and go fuck yourself?  (Sorry mum if your reading this)

Here are some of the party photos! from my P&S of that night…didnt really take much with it….too busy “SOCIALIZING” lol…bite me! Anonymous dumb commenting cunt!

The Pretty Faces

The Pretty Faces

The Stunner & Me

The Stunner & Me

The MAN!!!

The MAN!!! & his girls

The Ones that Knows My Secret!

The Ones that Knows My Secret!

The Bold n the Beautiful?

The Bold n the Beautiful? & Me

Reuben & the Clown

Reuben & the Clown

The Hotties

The Hotties

The Chatters KOKO & Minton

The Chatters KOKO & Minton

The Mesmerizer & Me

The Mesmerizer & Me

Saved the best for last…..Yes…I’m listening to james blunt — your beautiful…while looking at the mesmerizerrrrrrrr..n i’m mesmerizeddddd *sings* yourrr beautifullllllllll.your beautifullll its trueeeee……lol….I JOKE! I JOKE!! about the whole i can’t live and i’m so inlove thing…but i’m serious bout the mesmerizing stareeee…..haha|

K enough nonsense….k so after that night…went murni around 3ish…ate sum roti with mayo on it….Cause buka puasa for me…after the party…my belly could be let out to play….so time to feast!

Got home around 5 i think…slept and had to wake up at 8.30 cause we (Minton & I) agreed to watch a free movie screening of Land of Ze Lost and we already locked it in with suresh…Not my thing to say something and not do it..ME ISH MAN OF ME WORDS! so yea…forced myself to get up with a crazy massive hangover….weirdly enough I didn’t sleep watching the movie…it was oddly entertaining…maybe cause its my kind of lame humor….Anyways THanks Suresh!

Some of ze shots of that morning….


Thats How Blur I Was

that shot was taken by Minton…liked the matching background with my tshirt, brings out the colour of my skin….and it expresses my HUNGOVER in a blurred way…..NICELY DONE RANDOM MINTON!!!





I know this has nothing to do with the movie that I watched….but FUCKEN HELL THIS IS THE CLOSEST I GOT TO ANYTHING RELATED TO TRANSFORMERS 2…..I CANT FUCKING GET THE TICKETS TO WATCH!!! AM I THE ONLY NON-FAMOUS BLOGGER TO HAVE NOT SEEN IT!!?!? SERIOUSLY!!! EVEN MY GRANDMA ALREADY SEEN IT………well she didn’t…but its a metaphor. you get my point!

Part 2 END!

Now part 3 of my exciting LIFE!! AS A WORLD UNKNOWNED BLOGGER…..I actually met a world famous blogger…he gave speeches and all…He was like I’m going midvalley to for dinner on his twit..and i was like REALLY REALLY??? CAN I COME?? he was like ur really coming?? ….and the the photos will show u the rest….see how he didn’t really want to sit with me? lol….

Had dinner at Pasta Zanmai? Zenmai? something like that ….the one next to auntie kwans…

Before the Shot

The Set Up!

Me Looking Retardo

The Focused Shot!

Smashpop & Cindy

Smashpop & Cindy

The Pro Photographer

The Pro Photographer


My Awesome Chicken Curry + Random Soup Noodle Set


The Random Soup Noodles


SmashPop's Dissapointing Mini Set


Cindy's Scary Slippery Eel Set

Well this was my first actual “BLOGGER Dinner”….First FOOD PHOTO SESSION…Smash showed me his awesome camera..and how to use it…IT DOES AUTO-AUTO FOCUS..YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO PRESS TO FOCUS..how awesome is that…I was so jealous I felt like knocking him out and dashing out with it…but you know me…SPIRITUAL? KARMA EXIST…hence I didn’t do it…GOOD MEETING YOU BRO!!!

GREAT!! Finally an update! Nights Peeps..

PS: *I wonder how many people actually takes what I write seriously?? like how I think I wana be famous? like how smashpop wasn’t expecting me to show up?? like how I’m inlove with another finalist?? like how my grandma is still alive??*

Please take my blog merely as something entertaining…and don’t take just read dumbly and believe everything…..Just like how transformers isn’t real and that Optimus Prime Died….So BE SMART AND ENJOY!!!

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A Day in a life of Kingston Liu

There is just 5 more hours to complete my first weekly task for the Most Wanted Ruumate Campaign 2009.

I have to show a day in my life, with photographs and video. I don’t really know how to do this, but here goes!

Well, technically I have my life before ruumz most wanted campaign started, and the life after. hehe

Lets start with my LIFE Before MWR.
As everybody pretty much know, I am currently waiting for the Sept uni intake to do my masters. So currently, I have a lot of free time to do the activities I enjoy. Which is photography and fitness. I know….You might look at my photo and be thinking like…Fitness? Really? Seriosly?

To those people….Pfftt…..Leave me alone….You should see me last year….I could take part in Michelin Man Tummy Lookalike Contest….and be his identical twin. So cut me some slack….Work, Partying, Beer (lots of it) and Laziness was all I did last year, and my MAN LOVE HANDLES kept getting bigger and comfier.

Luckily I came back to Malaysia. Now my liver is recovering and my man beer belly is drying up!

So lets start with what I do nowadays….I currently work as an assistant for my friend who is a photographer, got into that so I get to check out hot sexy Models!! Lots of em..I’ve been helping him for almost half a year….Unfortunately, all he does is commercial and editorial stuff. Lots of Buildings and boring objects! Not really that interesting….

So what I do is, provide him with the “Technology”. You know me “HTKOG” (High Tech Kind of Guy):). He is an old school photographer that doesn’t keep up with times!! So you can say I’m like a photography consultant?
I am an educator of gadgets and software. Just 6 months and he gained like a lifetime of knowledge from Moi! It is also because of me, he is a lot poorer. Made him buy new a set of radio trigger, new flash system, lightmeter and other little thingiemajigies. On top of that, my daily consulting fee. My services aren’t exactly cheap. Heard of Foreign Talent?

So pretty much, either I work in the studio, touching up photos or when he is out on assignment, where I am his assistant/bag carrier. Quite sad, a highly talented trained person like myself have to come down that low to be carrying bags and tripods. Ohhh…I’m so humble..

I was actually helping out at a wedding yesterday as the 2nd photographer. But, I can’t publish the photographs from yesterday, not enough time to process it and would be unprofessional to post up the photos before letting the married couple see it. But, I did get my friend to take some shots of me?

Sorry, I know I’m some what of a Cam-Whore.
But, at least I have an excuse.
Its called Occupational Cam-Whore, its my job! So I should be excused, cause its career related. (even tho is part time — I deal with a lot of camera equipment!)
So many photos taken, its hard not to show up in some!

Here are some shots from the wedding yesterday. Of Me + The Wedding Cake…..

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Busy.... nah just posing

Busy or just posing?

Analysing a shot....Nah just Posing

Analyzing a shot?….actually just posing

Anyways…that is from yesterday. But, thought I show something more meaningful. Like something with models?? Yes…I know what my audience wants! I hear guys clapping in anticipation now….So recently like before ruumz campaign, I helped my friend for a model shoot..

But I can’t say what the shoot is for, cause its not published. So I can only show the making, but not the finished product or what the product is for….Here is the shoot and a video of the process…Pretty tiring day, finished work at 4am, ended up passing out on the studio sofa…We had to rush the whole thing in 1 Day, and retouch photos and submit it by the next morning.
Here it is!

On TopOn Top 4Ontop 3Camera 1On top2

By the way….Sorry girls..there was like 3-4 really good looking male models too..One of them even looked like a young Daniel Wu..but I just couldn’t find the space on my memory card to record him or them & it was really weird. The camera somehow was never in my hands when the guys were being photograph….lol

Oh Oh yea…did you see how the 3rd model checked me out ..for a split second there in the video?

DIBS! I’m so in!
lol..Call Me soon Cynthia??….I think that was her name.

Now for the fitness part of my life.

So yea…the gym workout went into turbo-charge-Mode after hearing about us finalist doing some public event!
Here is a video of my normal gym routine….maybe you could learn something from it.
I go like everyday…..after a killer work out like that, I feel totally fit!!
But, if you do follow my gym program, try not to do the same weights or effort as I am doing, cause I’ve been doing this for a very long time, and the weights I’m using in the video could be dangerous for you. I don’t know how to say it, but its pretty heavy! So enjoy the video…

You TUBE edited my VIDEO!!! There was suppose to be 30 seconds of BLACK SCREEN w Jeopardy Music!! then the msg comes out!! Arghh…nvm…you get the msg!

hehe..mehh..I know its lame…some people might actually think its funny….

Anyways….Hope you like it…Coz I won’t be doing any videos like this anymore!!

Well….This post is my longest post ever!

So other than that….Whats Different after ruumz MWR??

I don’t do all those anymore….All I do Is stay home and campaign myself….Good or Bad? You Decide! 3 more weeks to go??Sigh….I’m gona lose a lot of friends or get new friends? Cause a lot of “friends” are magically too busy to reply now…Shame on you! hehe

You wana be my friend? Please? Comeon?

I’m just going to end it here!
Hope you enjoyed my longest post ever!!!

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