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Love your Liver

Recently, I went to a Chinese Medical Practitioner and found out my liver was weak and wasn’t really in a tip top condition. There are quite many factors that made my liver the way it is today…=(

  1. The previous 5 years of partying too much. In 2004-05, I was really drinking hard. I have my own bottle of Bacardi 151 (70% alcohol as I remembered?)
    I would drink a few shots of Bacardi 151 just before leaving the house so I wouldn’t have to spend a fortune getting tipsy in the club and would be “Ready” when I get there. Or I would just drink vodka straight from the bottle. Dumb = Yes , Fun = Yes, Harmful = Yes.

    Bacardi 151 Rum

    Fire Water!

    Creative Commons License photo credit: MerlinStoll

  2. After work drinks for the last 2 years! It would happen pretty much every Friday. If Friday didn’t happen, Saturday will be on the schedule. Still remember working in the city, I’ll be emailing my friend Lee every Friday. We will be discussing on where we should drink and where to go after that. Fun times!….we would start drinking at 5, getting smashed by 7…skipped dinner kept drinking till 1-2 am…going home around 3-4 ….thats a lot of alcohol…Massive hang over on Sat..Would tell myself to slow down…but after working the whole week…Friday comes along…and The Session starts!
  3. Having a messed up sleeping schedule screws up the liver too. The healthy sleeping hours should be around 10pm…till whenever you wake up…As long as you sleep early…even if you wake up at 5am, its still good. I used to sleep at 3-5 am…waking up at 11-2..eat a massive lunch with a massive hang over…this went on for a few years…= Weak Liver
  4. Over working..I remember going hardcore in the gym.. I would do cardio for 1-2 hours..then to weights then sauna..Apparently that affects the liver and your body too. I’m still going quite hard in the gym. But after knowing my liver is weak. I’m slowing down.
  5. Genetics. My grandma died of liver cancer. I think some of my relatives have liver issues as well. Guess its true. I have friends drinking even more and longer than me and they are still going at it hard and liver function is 100%..Slow down boys…you know who you are!

So these are the contributing factors to my current predicament!

To “Repair” my precious Liver…I’ve cut out drinking for the time being. I’m trying to sleep around 10-11. I’m drinking some bitter ass herbal medication the doctor prescribed MORNING AND NIGHT! It taste Horrible.

However…Hardcoreness In Gym is still a Must….They don’t Call me by my Singh Name Hard Kaur.. for no reason..=)

So boys and girls…Love yourself..and slow down on drinking hard spirits…I’ve heard a friend told me….a lot of his uncle’s friend died due to liver failure. And the reason why the uncle’s liver is still functioning normally is because when the friends drink straight shots of the hard stuff….he normally mix his drinks.

No more Tequila Shots..for me!

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