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Official New-ish Blog

First wholesale jerseys day wholesale jerseys “blogging” cheap jerseys again Right after Google my PitchingStarting last blog created 2 years ago! This won’t be a blog that talks about feelings, people and all the other emo nonsense other blogs talk about. But, who knows! It might get a lil emo sometimes. It happened before, so it might happen again. Anihouuzzzz….Its 10.11 PM…..and bloggin can be pretty gay coming from a MACHO guy like me…muahahaha
Ohh yea. I’ll pretty much just report on how everything is going with me, put up some pictures once in awhile (I know i should put up more). I’ll blog about THINGS! I desire, and things that I plan to get, I’ll throw in a bit of review on the gadgets gizmos and games.

Sooner or later i’ll get comfortable with all this “blogging” and hopefully it will get interesting, if not it will die off like my last one.

And it is now 10.15 PM. Gona wake up at 6.30am! and walk to work at 7.30!! start at 8!! and finish at 5 or maybe a bit later…depends how hardworking I feel.

Alright NIght Peeps!!

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