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Landed in Malaysia land..replaced my sim with a local one and my phone still works perfectly…facebook check! Email check! WordPress check! Internetssss check!

All set! And ready for my “adventures”

Ate my first vegie breakfast..oh oh oh… Story! Story!

So as you know I’m vegie..so booked vege for the meal on the flight..I sat next to skinny indian dude..the air hostess looked at him and said you must be person that is vegetarian..when I told her it was me she was suprised.hehe..can’t help it…must be my massive guns..lolzzzz..I joke I joke..

Haniways..after that she was extra nice to me..telling me bout how crappy the vege meal is on the flight..and how long I’ve been vege…she seem intriged and was really nice.like she was interested ?? ..replacing my shitty dish with pancakes instead…was still pretty bad tho..

Oh oh..at the bag collection area she was looking towards my direction..maybe I was half asleep n felt pretty full of myself…hehe..

Didn’t know being vege can be that “interesting”…maybe that is why simon is still vege…it works?

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