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Cheer '09 Visited

I went to Cheer09 yesterday with a friend. Basically what happened was, its been like 8 years since I’ve been to a cheer. I was pretty bored after finishing up my Taman Negara photos and wanted to take somemoreeeee, and wanted to just brush up on my event photo skillz….its been like monthsss, maybe yearsssss since I went to an event as a photo man.

And because recently I watched the movie FIRED UP (cheerleader teen flick)….that movie was just awesome…Just so Awesome…JUST JUST so Awesome….lol..I like it …I I like It

Wasn’t sure if it was free, cause 8 years ago it was…..with the shitty economy now and greedy corporations and all….I thought maybe they started charging, Called up my brooo and he told me its still free..GREAT STUFF!!

So called up my friend who wanted to learn photography (good chance for him to shoot something, and I didn’t want to go alone, its scary being surrounded by underage kids…. when your at my age), packed up my equipment and LAUNCHED OUT!

Picked up my friend at Puchong, and drove straight to the stadium. The place was pretty packed with lil kiddos, its pretty sad to see many of them smoking outside. Guess they are the cool bunch…..and all I did in high school was hang out in the computer room, played chess and learn astronomy.

Anyways…I’ll let my photos do the story telling….

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I really need to find a better way to post up my photos…i know its kinda messy…and wordpress image posting thingie is a bit complicated for my noobness…apparently i didn’t learn much in my computer club days…

ohh yea…I feel sorry for Missy Charming pretty face Melissa Campbell…she twisted her arm or something….I wanted to rush over to help…but she was too inaccessible..being on the other side and all…..and it would be too dramatic if I just ran across the hall, while TEAM MALAYSIA was performing…..and sorry to say Team Malaysia really needs to buck up on their pompom butts…because they were quite bad at the end…some of the guys couldn’t keep the girls up and was falling all over….Having a Pretty Face Team is good and all….but yea need more work lads and ladies…

You can look me up on facebook….made a cheer album just for that….


Check out the album..and tag ur friends!

Anyways….I’m Off! Enjoy the photos…….

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