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Good Morning Malaysia

Was so wrecked last night, I slept at 8pm local time…which is 11 over there..

Didn’t do much the whole day…got settled in my new room, checked out the house, took some pictures, set up the network system at home, went for a bit of shopping for dad’s birthday pressie….

The weather is weird…you’ll get a few thunderstorms and sunny days in 1 day!! Anyways….took some pictures of my room and bathroom….room is a bit empty…no idea what to add to spice it up… sofa and TV maybe??

but no money to spend…..sighhhh….woke up at 4am coz i slept so early…ended up watching lost till 7 ish and went for breakfast at raju’s….roti canai and tosai …mmmmm yummy…unhealthy…but yummy….
Anyways…here are the photos of my room….any tips on how to furnish it?

Bedroom WindowHeart My Room

KLA_4460Heart My Tub Heart My Bathroom


I love my room…and my toilet…mmmmm….sweet!!!

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