Going for the Journalistic Approach

I came back from work. Couldn’t be bothered crypts. going to the gym, cause Summer is like ages away! lol…2 months isn’t exactly ages, but yea…losing weight is Weekend easy peasy for hardcore people like me….muahaha…I’ll just go on my World Renowned Tuna Corn Diet!!(I’m kidding, my work pants is Cheap pretty tight now and I’m kinda worried! lol)

So I was Of looking around my laptop and found a My photo Jo?o album with pictures that I took in February. Some with friends and then I noticed a whole bunch of wholesale jerseys sickening pictures.

Basically, I was with back on a holiday in Malaysia. Took a walk with my camera to some dodgy market in KL. Well I don’t know if this is wrong or normal, but it seem very wrong and cruel to me. So I decided to document these ANIMAL TRADERS!! Took my cam and started snapping away, they didn’t even Blog bother. Well, maybe they thought I was promoting their business. SICKENING!

Here are the shots (Don’t look if your all emo towards animals)

Thats the cage the chickens and pigeons are caged in.


Chopped up frogs and squirrels




Face of a Heartless Soul


And the rest of the shots….












Animal Trade 2

Animal Trade 1

Its really sad seeing those animals waiting for their time to come.
Here Is a Buddha to make me feel cheap nba jerseys at peace…


I’m going to bed now….looking at And these pictures makes cheap mlb jerseys me saddddd.

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