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Lightroom Preset That Works!

I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom since they launched. Pretty much started when Apple’s own Aperture was the direct competitor.
Organisation of images is a pain even with bridge.

Adobe Lightroom came in at the perfect timing for organisation & quick edits of Raw files.

As a new user, using lightroom can be a little complicated. The settings are similar to the ones in Photoshop Raw editor, but lightroom simplifies it A LOT!
There was one part missing is how to beautify images without much effort.

The missing link was presets! Presets is Lightroom development settings all set for simplification. Photographers or newbie can just run thru the collection of presets to find the ideal look for images.

After that it is just a simple tweak of the settings and you get a beautiful image meant for printing or web publications!

I’ve been using presets for quick and easy beautiful images.
One of the presets I’ve used is Landscape Legends Lightroom Presets.

The preset simplifies the whole landscape editing. Check out the link below and share your views in the comment on how helpful it was with your image editing.

Click Here!

As you can see from the link above that the images edited brings dull images to live!




Transcend Jet Drive & JetDrive Lite in Malaysia

Transcend Jet & Jet Lite is finally in Malaysia, it is distributed by Dancom, which is also the distributor of Apple Products in malaysia.  You get to purchase this directly from
This is a great product especially for Macbook Air owners who are always tight on space. It’s probably the least expensive way to double or almost triple your available space for under $100 provided you don’t need to use the SD card slot on your Mac.
Transcend Jet Lite Malaysia
The card is essentially a cut down SD card that snaps in securely and sits flush with the side of your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air (be sure to pick the version specific to your Mac model). The card stays firmly in place and requires a bit of effort to remove – I found sliding a finger nail underneath the sides is enough to pry it loose. I worry that over time the side of the card might weaken but so far I’ve removed the card at least a dozen times with no apparent signs of anything snapping off.One thing to note is that this is far from an SSD replacement. In fact the write speeds are all over the place, with sequential writes as low as 12 megabytes per second and occasionally as high as 50. Generally in my testing with the Blackmagic disk benchmark the writes were under 20 megabytes per second. Reads, however, were much better and more consistent running anywhere from 60 to 87 megabytes per second.Oddly the drive doesn’t come formatted for the Mac’s native file system. It’s formatted with the more universal ExFAT system that’s compatible with most computing platforms. I strongly suggest converting it to the Mac HFS+ Journaled format through disk utility so that Time Machine will include the Transcend card with its regular backups. I do suggest checking your time machine volume from time to time to ensure that the drive is properly backed up.

Overall this is a nice product that will safely add a significant amount of storage to a Macbook Pro Retina or Air.  Overall a great product at a great price!

Apple Authorised Distributor in Malaysia

Recently had a project for a company that needed apple products & solutions for Applications (app).

They wanted a mixed of iPad mini and iPad Air from Apple. One of the managers wanted Macbook Pro as well.
Did a little search, but couldn’t find any enterprise or corporate reseller for Apple in Malaysia. There are some retail, but as a manager, I don’t think your company allows you cash purchase or a credit card to purchase for any corporate program or projects.

Had to call up Apple Malaysia, and got a contact person in Apple that informed me of Dancom and some other distributor.

Called some of them, and the other didn’t even have stocks for the items for the project, and was unsure when they will receive it. Some of them even have to put a deposit and wait. They don’t even deliver! The excuse is the margin is too thin, so you know why.

Did some search on Dancom, and found out Dancom is one of the biggest distributor for iPad in Malaysia.
They were able to provide a quotation, and the service was pretty quick.
Check out

If you are looking for Apple devices and for the apple Distributor in Malaysia, look for Dancom, as you don’t need to go to the hassle of going to a shopping centre and buying it and carrying it, and it is for your company. Why make all the effort, just order and let them send to you!

The office is in Petaling Jaya, jalan 227, next to federal highway. If you need it urgently, you can even pick it up at the office, that can even be faster.

Feel free to comment or send me an email if you need help with Purchasing Apple Devices for your company.


Update – April 2015

Corporate & Education Purchase of iMac, MacBook, MBP, MBA, Everything Apple.

Dancom can only distribute to Authorised Resellers in Enterprise & Education.
They have provided a contact where corporates & education can purchase devices .

Even for Apple Extended warranty, they are able to provide online registration for your extended warranty.

Feel free to contact Knack Tech Sdn Bhd

As they are an authorised Enterprise & Education Reseller.
Corporate purchase is an ease to purchase thru knack tech…

Here is their info –










Guide for Downgrading iOS 6.0.1 to 5.1.1 on Iphone 4

I hated the maps and no untethered jailbreak.

So it was my mission to downgrade to get back my old stuff.

If you jailbreak before in 5.1.1 means you should have the SHSH blobs available on cydia, you can fetch it out.

Step 1

Download redsnOw 0.9.15b3

iPhone 4 – 5.1.1  ipsw

Link – IPSW

Link – Redsnow


Step 2

Start redsnOw – Click Even More > Restore > IPSW

Look for the IPSW File

Set up DFU mode

If your phone is unlock, it doesnt matter just click yes for update baseband

Step 3

They should auto find your blob to restore, if not just click remote or local to locate it.

Step 4

It should restore without using itunes to restore.
I tried using itunes restore to downgrade, but the verifying blocks it from restoring.

So this is the only way.
All the best!


How Many Calories in a Cucumber?

Just took a good advice as i am still hungry after my few pieces of chicken for dinner

So I ate a whole cucumber, and was wondering how many calories I just consumed.

Searched and found this…lovely read
Only 34! For a whole cucumber…the cucumber i ate was quite big….so lets say 50…still better than what i was thinking of getting…. A cup noodles with 250.calories…


Read!  cucumber is yummmm



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Etiam pulvinar consectetur dolor sed malesuada. Ut convallis euismod dolor nec pretium. Nunc ut tristique massa.

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