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Prague Anniversary Visit First Day

Went to Paris –>Prague to celebrate  my GF birthday and our anniversary.

Prague is a beautiful city rich with historical sights, there was so many things to do.

We were there for only 3 days, checked out most of the touristic spots and it was good.

Before going so many friends told me how cheap the beer and food is, but when I was there it WAS NOT that cheap.
Maybe I was unlucky and only ate at “tourist” restaurants.
The first one was a big CON JOB! It was a grilled chicken breast, and the waiter asked what side do I want, so he suggested chips and I went along with it. When it came it was a piece of chicken and chips, as described, but it was miserable.

The bill came and I GOT ANGRY, the chicken and the chips was not a set. Who the hell sells a dish with just a piece fried chicken on a plate.
The CHICKEN cost €5!~! and the fries was another €2 !! Was not worth it at all.
I thought €5 for a big chunk of meat with sides will be okie…but big rip off!….I FORGOT THE NAme of the SHOP, but I will google it and find the name and track it down and report it on tripadvisor!!

*Update*!! Found the restaurant on google street view..It is Restaurant U Dominikana,Prague. Wrote a review on tripadvisor! ! BAD REVIEW! Bad Miserable piece of Chicken Schnitzel

Anyways! most of the restaurants food was good and price was alright beer was around 69-90 czk around 2.5-3 euro…not as what my “FRIENDS” mentioned 1 euro for beer! maybe not where we went!

Walked around the first day..and took some snaps..

Prague Castle

Castle n Bridge

Prague Castle

Bridge n Castle

Prague Castle

Castle while on Brige

Prague Castle

Castle While Under Bridge

Prague Castle

Band on Bridge

Town on Bridge

More to follow…Heading to bed…will update again soon

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Jailbreaking Ipad 3.2.1 using iBooks & GoodReader

I did it! Jailbreaked my Ipad 3.2.1 (WIFI MODEL).

Due to the traffic to and
You most probably end up with the Purple screen and stuck at it.

Found out there is a way to Jailbreak thru iBooks using syncing thru Itunes.

However, I found a way to do it without Itunes or jailbreakme. Just with GoodReader.

This will work in Ipad 3.2.1 wifi (Works on mine)
Might work for iphones and itouch..but not tested!

What you need is!- Goodreader App
— Ibooks

These are the 2 things you will need.

Get on to GoodReader app, and click on Web Downloads-> Browse the Web

Type this link

You will see the list of devices and pdf files. Choose your device and click download the pdf file.

After Downloading the file.

Click Manage -> select open in

and Open in Ibooks. In Ibooks head to the pdf section.

Click on the white pdf, which will ask you to download and install.

After less than 1 min, you got your ipad or Iphone or itouch. Jailbroken!
My Cydia didn’t show up after the process.

I rebooted my ipad, and the Cydia icon showed up!

Hope this helps


Update: It looks like you can just jailbreak it thru GoodReader. Just download and launch it on goodreader. (I did not do it this way so I’m not 100% sure)

Update 2: Saw some post with my link on it in Italian, apparently it did not work on his Ipad 3g. So I am not sure if it works or not, but I read that comex will come up with a patch for that. Sorry if your 3g doesn’t work.

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More 3D “Artistic” photography

The last time I posted a 3d link was  THIS!  3d Art I say!

Found another site with more 3d “ART”!!

So put on your 3d red blue glasses and check it out!

Too Real!! This pops out the most..

This is super 3d obvious too!! u need to get the glasses!

so check it out at.. this link..

It is not porn it is ART! and it is fun!

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GoodReader for Ipad Review

Bought my Ipad recently. A little bit pricey to get it over here with the VAT nonsense, but still worth it!

I wanted a colour e-reader, and to be able to look at photographs and books. An added bonus with the capabilities of watching videos, listening to music, games, and other awesome functions.

So Ipad was the best option in the market for it. Kindle, nook and sony e-readers are good e-readers but just can’t compete with the other functions.

Haven’t updated in a thought I post an blog about this app for the Ipad.

This would be considered the best e-reading app on Ipad. It is even better than Ibook, it is not as visually pretty as ibook, but function wise it is just packed with everything.

The best thing about it is it cost so little for the amount of benefits. So this is worth every penny!

It cost £0.59, by far the best app I bought from the apple store.

You can transfer documents using File Transfer itunes ipad app section, to the ipad. Formats such as Pdf , images, any text doc such as word or rtf.
Those files transfers really quickly.

GoodReader for Ipad

My Ipad Screen with GoodReader in the Main Dock

The Main Screen of GoodReader

Not many e-reading apps have file organisation.
GoodReader does it well being able to sort it out in the app itself.

You get to create folders, rename, password lock it, and many more.

Magazines + Books

As you can see, the girly e-magazines you can buy and load it in your GoodReader. It just makes it so handy on the go, to read it anywhere!
Business people can get economist, fortune and many more. Artsy people can get all the artsy anything goes!
PDF books looks great too.

Although its more presentable reading epub format in IBooks.

Esquire Magazine

One example of how it looks like on the ipad, tab the middle of the screen and you get the full screen of the magazine, and you can flip thru it.

Downloading documents on DropBox

One thing good about goodreader is that you can download your documents from you file servers. Servers that i Highly recommend is DropBox.
There are other services such as google reader, your own ftp, and others listed on the app.

You can sync your files thru all your computers, and link it with ipad and download your documents from ipad and save it in Goodreader to read it.

That is what I am doing for my Dissertation, reading all the journal articles on my Ipad. Really HandY!

You can sign up for Dropbox  HERE!

Enjoy! Will review other great Ipad Apps later on.

Feel free to msg me if you have any questions!

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During the first week of doing HIIT, take your Tuesday and Thursday resistance training days off to allow for extra recovery time. Include resistance training for Weeks 9 to 12. So Liam Messam can return for the Chiefs to play two matches that potentially and in reality had major ramifications for the make up of the Super Rugby playoffs but can’t play in those playoffs because he hasn’t played four games this season.Of all the decisions made this season, this has got to be the craziest. Unless you consider the Patrick Lambie decision. The plant will also build the new 2014 Impala. The company has invested $336 million for Volt and Opel Ampera, roughly $121 million for Malibu and $69 million for Impala.. There are enough examples Port Adelaide this year for one that the link between off field prosperity wholesale football jerseys and on field success isn’t necessarily inextricable. I’m Cheap Jordan Shoes more concerned that the football community is being conditioned to accept a lack of competitiveness in the shorter term, from game to game.. It was bombs way from both sides. The visiting Cavaliers nailed 5 3 pointers in the final quarter with Amaiya Williams heat checking one three from her hometown of Forest City. In applying for relocation Monday, the Rams made it clear they have no intent to stay in St. Louis or participate in the development of a proposed riverfront stadium. The others ways in which you can score are defensively. Defensively, if the ball is intercepted in which case the offensive quarterback throws the ball to the defensive player, the defensive player can then run the into the end zone, which results in a six point play. When I buy a biotech stock, there has to be a very good risk/reward ratio. While I might be happy with 10 or 20% gains in some stocks, a biotech stock needs to have huge potential rewards, like a multi bagger. Perhaps football’s greatest benefit is its reputation as a no cut sport even in high school. Anyone can sign up to play football (granted they make the weight limit in youth football). Fold the smaller pieces in half widthwise and mark the centers on each. Match the center of one of the smaller pieces to the center of the larger piece. FILE Cheap china Jerseys In this Dec. 10, 2016, file photo, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton NFL Jerseys Cheap walks with Will Smith’s widow Racquel into Orleans Criminal Court for the trial of Cardell Hayes in cheap jerseys New Orleans. The last quarter showed increased revenue of about 2.7% to $1,387 million. Income from operations grew 52.3% to $131 million. Its current capabilities also don’t quite match up with the video, either. As Microsoft representatives have said, the headset’s field of view, or the area in which the ‘holograms’ can appear, will look around the same size as a 15 inch monitor does when it’s two feet from your face.
“Me and my buddy were getting it going a little, but when I put my foot to the door, my foot Cheap NFL Jerseys China kind of slipped and it went through a window. It was just kind of a freak accident. I’m very embarrassed, but I’m just excited getting going with rehab and trying to get this going as soon as possible.”It may seem as though there is a perception that only nerds and dorks play these fantastical sporting games, but Berry thinks cheap nfl jerseys wholesale that idea has faded as the game rises. From CEOs to kids to grandmothers to prison inmates, Berry tellsMorning Editionhost David Greene that everyone and anyone plays because it’s fun and because America likes to root for things.The terrorist attacks in Paris which included an attack on a football match at Stade de France led to an increase in security at all Australian sporting events. Fans now expect to have their bags searched and examined with metal detecting hand wands whenever jordan retro 11 they enter a venue.2. Detroit tight end/wide receiver Joseph Fauria One of the great mysteries of the 2013 NFL Draft is how the 6 foot 7 Fauria went undrafted. Fauria caught three touchdown passes (every one of his catches) against Cleveland and now has five TDs on seven receptions this season. Fauria is an incredibly difficult matchup for any defender and the Lions usually get him lined up against a cornerback. According to one general manager, Fauria simply “fell through the cracks.” Really? First, there just aren’t that many human beings with that type of size and athletic ability. Second, Fauria was a very productive player at UCLA, finishing his college career with 88 catches for 1,139 yards and 20 touchdowns. More likely, getting kicked out of Notre Dame in 2009 may have had something to do with it.In defence, Melbourne also is blessed with an absolute pillar in Tom McDonald, who is just 22 and already an established key back. The Saints don’t have an equivalent, though tall wholesale nfl jerseys backs tend to be made, not born and can also be acquired. They need someone better than Luke Delaney and will be hoping that Hugh Goddard, drafted in the same intake as McCartin, can hold down centre half back or full back.A few weeks ago, Donald Trump decided his campaign team wasn’t Legion of Doomy enough, so he added Breitbart News chairman Stephen Bannon. Now, a presidential candidate forming an alliance with a media website in itself is ray ban sunglasses sale pretty weird, but Breitbart isn’t just any media outlet. Breitbart makes Fox News look like the BBC. If websites were people, Fox News would be your friend who’s casually thinking of voting for Trump because they can’t stand Hillary Clinton, and Breitbart would be Donald Trump when he went on the WWE.
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