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Do Not Judge Me From This Image

Until I can hire someone to write this section About Me, I really can’t think of anything to write as it might seem like I am just BRAGGING. Which I don’t do due to the fact that I am very HUMBLE in nature, aka down to earth, aka grounded. So I will just write the general stuff in point form, as it is simple to read and understand.

  • Studied in a chinese school but turned into a BANANA (Yellow Skin, White Core) due to Mandarin Mental Block caused by the Mental & Physical ABUSE from the chinese primary school teachers
  • I was a chubby soft GEEK in my school days,  made fun of by family, friends & teachers as a fat kid.
  • Lost a lot of my softness and was in a pretty GOOD shape in my early 20’s, and gradually put it back on.
  • I studied & worked in OZ & UK before returning to this LOVELY country.
  • Started photography while in Uni
  • Did a lil bit of travelling while studying
  • I enjoy travel photography & I do stock photos whenever possible
  • I am a HTKOG
  • In the Rat Race now



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